About Us
'Save Ram Sethu' ( Adam's Bridge ) is an international campaign jointly promoted by the Hindu and non-hindu organizations. The campaign has a support of a growing number of organizations around the world who oppose the destruction of the Adam's bridge also known as the Ram Sethu. That is why we introduced the initiative to gather funds for the campaign so that we can achieve what the people want. By simply playing at the LuckyCreekNoDeposit site a small percentage of the proceeds will go to our campaigning. It provides us the proper funding we need and it will bring you a great time playing at this solid site.

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Official E-mail: info@ramsethu.org
Dr. Kusum Vyas
Esha Vasyam
Email: kusumvyas@sbcglobal.net
Phone +713 876 5400 (USA)

Shradhanand Sital
Global Human Rights Defence (Hague)
Email: s.sital@ghrd.org
Phone +31 61 137 6504 (The Netherlands)

Somduth Dulthuman
Mauritius Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation
Email: sanatan@intnet.mu
Phone + 230 776 7123 (Mauritius)