Save Ram Sethu Campaign
We call upon the Government of India to immediately cease the destruction of the holy Ram Sethu bridge between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge is an ancient monument held sacred by millions of Hindus all around the world. The destruction of this bridge will not only offend our religious sentiments, but will also pose a great risk to the environment, oceanic life and the Indian coastline. It will also endanger the livelihood of thousands of fishermen in the local area.

The Government of India is entitled to take steps to protect the commercial and trade interests of India. However, such steps should not be at the cost of offending the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus around the world. The Ram Sethu Bridge is as sacred to Hindus as the Western Wall is to Jews, the Vatican to Catholics, Mecca to Muslims, and Gaya to Buddhists and the Golden Temple to Sikhs

The Save Ram Sethu Campaign requests that:
  1. The SethuSamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP) team should immediately stop all dredging work and withdraw all equipment forthwith from the site.
  2. The Government of India should immediately set up an independent Commission that will oversee a second round of consultations. This is to ensure that views of we take in to account the oft repeated warnings, highly critical reviews and troubling questions raised by world renowned specialists and experts on the disastrous effects on the environment and livelihood of people in the region.
  3. The SSCP should take into account the offence and hurt being felt by millions of Hindus around the world about the destruction of one of their holiest religious sites.